I moved to Gallup, New Mexico in 2018, and just totally love it! I want to be of help to folks in the Gallup area, take a look at what my clients have said about working with me…

 I would highly recommend Dr. Vicki Handfield to other persons feeling blue, lost and unfocused.  She helped me in all these areas with a professionalism I highly appreciated.  Dr. Handfield did not ”judge”. She listened patiently and allowed me to identify my roadblocks—all in a soothing environment.  Thank you, Dr. Vicki!




Vicki makes you feel relaxed and understood from the moment that you step into her office. She has been a godsend when I have needed someone to listen and not judge. She encourages you to share your inner feelings and ideas in a safe confidential environment. Vicki is willing to try multiple strategies to help guide you through the rough patches and also will be honest with you. Her experience and wisdom have had a positive impact on my life. After working with her I realize “finally, someone gets it”!

Donna K



Dr. Handfield is a very understanding and compassionate person – I utilize various techniques that she teaches me every day in my daily life – I can’t imagine manage my life without input from Dr. Handfield – she is the best!

Susan P

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Great experience!

I have been working with Dr. Handfield for a year now. She has been very helpful and insightful in this difficult journey I am on. I highly recommend her to anyone.



Dr. Handfield is an excellent doctor. She has helped me turn corners that I thought were impossible. She helps you discover things about yourself that you never knew existed. She makes me feel like it is not just a job to her. She genuinely cares about your well being. I would recommend her services to anyone who is thinking about exploring therapy.

Gina P


Dr. Handfield really listens. My sessions are filled with honesty, compassion, and realistic goals for the future. I always feel better after a session with her.

Kathleen M


A Road Back

Dr. Handfield creates a calming atmosphere that promotes freedom to speak and share feelings, thought and worries. Through calm patient listening and a series of suggestions Dr. Handfield helped me to sort out feelings, worries and release anxiety which helped me find the road back. If you have found yourself at an intersection and are having difficulty deciding which road to take I recommend reaching out to Dr. Handfield to help sort things out and get you moving in a positive direction.

James P

Kind and dedicated care

After being diagnosed with depression and anxiety at a young age, I found it very difficult to cope. I struggled to leave my house every day and do the normal everyday things that most young adults take for granted. Seeing Dr. Handfield changed everything for me. Years of dedicated care on her behalf have led me to pursue my goals and dreams that I once thought to be impossible. She truly cares about my progress and my well being, and works to ensure that I am comfortable. If you are looking for someone who will speak to you truthfully and with compassion then I highly recommend seeing Dr. Handfield.

Jess K


Blessed to be a blessing

Dr. Vicki Handfield has been blessed with gifts of compassion and discernment so she in turn can be a blessing to others. Dr. Handfield has been an advocate for the part of me that was broken as a young child. She protected and fought for that part of me while I (at my own pace) learned from her how to identify, heal and recover from the pain. I was able to heal and grow soon thereafter. What a tremendous gift to receive! I am now stronger and more in love with the woman I am and life in general thanks to Dr. Handfield’s expertise, compassion and dedication to ME. Thank you, Vicki for giving me a new lease on life and for your continued support and empowerment!



Found the right doctor!

It is hard to know how to find the right doctor. In my experience, it has been a lot of hit or miss. Several years ago, I had couple counseling with a different doctor and the experience was a total disaster so I searched for a doctor that could help me get through a very difficult time in my life. My search led me to Dr. Handfield. I found her to be very direct and to the point. In the relatively short time I worked with her, she helped me to clarify things in my mind so that I could move forward in my life. So, most recently, when my teenage daughter experienced difficulties, I sought out Dr. Handfield for help. My daughter and I have been working with Dr. Handfield during this year and I am pleased to note that my daughter has been making significant progress. It feels good to know that we are going in the right direction. I would definitely recommend Dr. Handfield to a friend.

Jeanne V


Dr. Vicki Handfield is a true professional in how she approaches life’s issues. Her ability to cr3ate a comfortable setting to discuss issues is very comforting. She has been specifically helpful in defining issues and framing a course of action. I feel that she is extremely truthful, and provides a good foundation for making improvements. The experience has been extremely beneficial.

Wayne K

Dr. Vicki Handfield has helped me tremendously!  Every session is valuable to me. I always learn something about myself or take away an action item.

Bob B


My experience with Victoria has been a positive one from the start. She was recommended to me and after viewing her website at the time, I was comfortable and called her. She promptly called me back, and talked about what I hoped to accomplish and how she might help. My initial instincts were correct. She is a genuine and caring person. She has helped me with many issues and I am happy that I feel more capable and able to appreciate myself. She always helps you learn to examine the reality of what you are feeling, and with her guidance, you can move forward with joy. If you have been looking for a professional who will be a positive influence, make you see the humor in some things, and who clearly cares about your emotional growth, look no further.

Valerie SP